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Common Household Plumbing Problems

Fix small plumbing problems yourself and save some money

Posted 10:58 July 25, 2017
Last Updated 08:37 November 17, 2017

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If you own your home you're all too familiar with common plumbing problems. Plumbing problems come with home ownership. It's always a good idea to call a plumber when a big problem arises, but the small problems you can take care of on your own with a little know-how. Small problems like clogged drains and leaky faucets can turn into bigger problems if left unchecked. Take care of them early and you'll save time and money.

Sinks that drip

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A sink that constantly drips is probably the most common home plumbing headache. While replacing an entire sink can be expensive, fixing a drip is pretty cheap and easy.

All sink faucets have little rubber washers that prevent them from dripping. Over time these washers wear down. Eventually they will develop a leak. When you have to start tightening your faucet more and more to prevent it from dripping, it's only a matter of time until your washer fails. Eventually the faucet will drip no matter how tightly you turn it off.

Fixing the drip is as easy as replacing the washer. Remove the old washer, take it to a hardware store, and find one of similar size and shape. It will probably cost $2 or less. Replace the washer and your drip has been fixed. The hardest part of the job is finding where the washer is. All faucets are different, but the washer is always somewhere in the faucet assembly. Take the faucet apart and you will find the washer.

Sinks that leak

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A sink that is leaking underneath can do a lot of damage in a relatively short amount of time. As soon as you discover a leaking sink you'll want to fix it.

The first step is to assess the problem and diagnose where the leak is coming from. The leak is most likely coming from one of the following:

• The water shutoff valve. If tightening the connections on the valve doesn't stop the leak, you'll need to replace the valve.

• The water inlet hose. If the leak is around the end connectors, you may be able to fix the leak by tightening the connections. If this doesn't work, or the leak is somewhere in the hose, you'll need to replace the entire hose.

• The P-trap. Tighten the connections. If the leak continues, replace the p-trap.

• The drain connection. An uncommon problem, but a leak can develop around the drain connection of the sink. Try to tighten the connections. If the leak persists, replace the sink drain assembly.

If you can't find the source of the leak, you may need to call a professional plumber that specializes in leak detection.

Toilets that constantly run

A toilet that constantly runs unless you jiggle the handle usually requires a new flapper valve system. Replacing the entire system is easy with common tools and costs around $20. To fix this problem:

• Shut the water off to the toilet via the shut of valve (coming out of the wall).

• Drain the toilet (flushing it once is usually enough).

• Remove the old flapper valve system.

• Take the old flapper to the hardware store and purchase a similar one.

• Install the new flapper, turn the water to the toilet back on, problem fixed.

Clogged Drains

Check out our article on clogged drains for more in-depth information on clearing your clogged drain.


Simple plumbing problems are cheap and easy to fix with just a little know-how. However, if you'd rather not mess with the problem and have a professional fix it, contact All Trades. We fix all kinds of plumbing problems, large or small. We are fast, courteous, and honest. Try us once and we're sure you'll use us for all of your future plumbing and air conditioning needs. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, and most of Clark County Nevada.

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