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Fixing Low Water Pressure

What you can do about low water pressure

Posted 04:58 September 07, 2017
Last Updated 08:27 November 17, 2017

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low water pressure When you have low water pressure in your home, it impacts your whole life. Tasks like washing dishes or laundry take longer. Pleasure tasks like showers or baths become more aggravating than relaxing. There are varying causes of low water pressure, but it is possible to remedy all of them.

First, purchase a water pressure gauge to check the actual water pressure in your home. It will provide a good baseline as you try various things to increase your water pressure. You should have between 45-80 psi of water pressure in your home, adjusting higher or lower according to your personal tastes.

Time of day can impact water pressure if you're on a city water system. If your whole neighborhood is using a lot of water at the same time the pressure inside your home will drop. Measure your water pressure at different times of the day to see if there are any significant changes.

If you have a well, check the air bladder and pressure switch on your water pump. They may have been set incorrectly by the installer. Also check the pump itself. A pump can accumulate sediment and debris over time, and should have routine cleaning and maintenance. If you're unfamiliar with water well pumps or feel uncomfortable doing any of these tasks, contact All Trades and we can do it for you.

clogged aerator Check your water pressure at every point in the house. If the problem is limited to one or two fixtures, the issue may be with the fixture. Faucets oftentimes have aerator screens which can accumulate debris. You can try cleaning the aerator screen by soaking it in white vinegar overnight. It's also fairly inexpensive to purchase a new one.

Test both the hot and cold water taps individually. They should have equal pressure. If the hot water side is noticeably less, there may be a problem with your hot water heater. Check and make sure your water heater's shut-off valve is fully open. Your water heater tank could have built up sediment inside which is restricting flow. You can try flushing the tank to wash out any built up sediment.

If the problem if limited to one shower head, the shower head is probably clogged. Shower heads are difficult to clean, sometimes it's easier to just to buy a new one. You can try white vinegar and a toothbrush to get the gunk out of the showerhead's tiny holes. It's common to have to replace a shower head ever 2-4 years.

Water softeners can cause low water pressure. If your softener has a bypass valve, turn it on and see if pressure throughout your home improves.

Check the shut off valve at the water main. Make sure it is fully open. It's possible it is partially closed.

pressure reducing valve
Pressure Reducing Valve
If your home water system has a pressure reducing valve, make sure it is not set too low. These are installed in areas that have high water pressure (usually above 80 psi). If you have one, it is somewhere between the water main (the meter) and your hot water heater.

The final culprit is a very difficult one to find: a leak. If your home has a water leak it can impact your water pressure, increase your monthly water bill, and possibly damage your home. Leaks never repair themselves, they only become more serious over time. We at All Trades are leak detection specialists. We can pinpoint the source of your leak and repair it. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, and most parts of Clark Country Nevada. We offer same day service 7 days a week.
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