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How to Find Swimming Pool Leaks

A leaking swimming pool can lead to many homeowner problems

Posted 10:32 July 09, 2022
Last Updated 16:29 August 05, 2022

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In regions of low humidity like Las Vegas, it's natural for your swimming pool to lose a little water due to evaporation. Your pool can also loose water due to usage. Some water will splash out, some water will backwash into your filter. However, if you're losing more than 2 inches of water per week, you might have a pool leak. Before you call out a professional, give your pool an inspection. It might be something you can fix yourself.

Measure how much water you're losing

If you think your pool might have a leak, you should measure and record your water level. It's a good idea to do this once a month as a part of your regular pool maintenance. Mark your current water level with either a piece of tape or a grease pencil. Exactly 24 hours later, check your water level again. If your pool has lost more than 1/4 inch of water, you may have a pool leak. Perform this test with both the pool pump on and off.

If your pool has a water leveler, make sure you turn it off before this test.

Try to locate the leak

Look for obvious signs first. Try to find your pool leak by walking around your pool. Look for wet areas around the pool. Look for moisture on the ground. Look for any wet earth, soil, or sunken areas.

Turn off your pool pump and filtration system (and water leveler, if you have one). Severe leaks will be immediately apparent. Look for any bubbles that may indicate a leak.

Check your pool equipment. Check your pool pump, filter, and pool heater if you have one. If your pool has a vinyl liner, check for any tears or rips in the liner. Check the lights, steps, and all seams.

If you're losing more water when your pool equipment is on, the problem is probably somewhere in the return line of the system. Check all your equipment including the backwash line.

If you're losing more water when your pool equipment is off, the problem may be in the liner (if you have one), around the lights, the skimmer, jets, or in the drain.

As a last resort, put a little dye on the surface of the pool in various spots. Look for movement of the dye, which will indicate the direction the leak is coming from.

Test a possible leak

If you think you've found the source of your pool leak you can test it. Turn your pool equipment off. Using either your pH indicator test reagent or a dye test solution, mark the area of the suspected leak. If the dye is sucked into the area, that's a sign you've found your leak.

Fix your leak

Leak treatment depends on its location and source.

Skimmer leaks are usually caused by a separation of the plastic skimmer and the pool. You can easily patch this leak with pool putty.

Liner leaks need to be patched with a vinyl liner patch kit. Buy a wet patch kit if the leak is under the water line. Don't drain your pool to patch a liner leak. Remember that liner pools must be filled with water at all times. If you drain your pool, you risk additional damage to the vinyl liner.

Leaks around lights, jets, or fixtures can be difficult to patch. If the fixture has separated from the pool you can try pool putty, silicone, caulk, or a two part epoxy that dries hard.

You've tried everything and you can't find your leak

Pool leaks can be very difficult to locate. If you suspect a leak but can't confirm it, we can. We here at All Trades have specialized equipment that can find all kinds of pool leaks. We are leak detection experts. We will give you peace of mind by thoroughly examining your pool area. If you have a leak, we can find it. We find leaks without major disruption to your pool.

After your leak has been identified, we can also fix it for you. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada. We offer fast professional service at reasonable rates.

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