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Mixing Valves

What are mixing valves and how they work.

Posted 11:06 April 11, 2019
Last Updated 11:06 April 11, 2019

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A mixing valve, also known as a tempering valve, is a mechanical thermostatic valve designed to control the water temperature running water through the valve. Many installations require a thermostatic mixing valve to be installed, by code, for the protection of building residents.

When is a mixing valve required?

• Mixing valves might be required by code in your area.

• Mixing valves can protect your family and guests from scalding water burns and thermal shock. Every year many people (mostly children) are seriously injured by hot water that is set to high or improperly protected from pressure change.

• To protect the health of your family from water-born diseases. The maximum water temperature at any fixture in your home should be 120F or 49C (except for the dishwasher). This temperature is very close to the ideal living conditions for Legionella Bacteria (Legionnaires disease). The best way to prevent your water from becoming contaminated is keep the water heater set at 60C. This will kill any bacteria in the system. Then use a mixing valve to lower the water supply temperature to fixtures throughout the home.

Types of mixing valves

• Source of supply - Residential, commercial, industrial uses for tempering entire hot water distribution systems.

• Point of use - residential, commercial and industrial uses, easily installed between the fixture supplies.

• Temperature actuated flow reduction valve - If there is a loss of cold water the valve immediately closes, protecting you from being scalded. Used primarily to control the high limit water temperature of showers.

• Tempering valve - Blends cold and hot water to extend the hot water capacity of residential water heaters and boiler coils.

The professional plumbers here at All Trades can install a mixing control valve in your home. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and most parts of Clark County, Nevada. Contact us today for a quick, no-hassle, no-obligation quote.

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