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Natural Gas Leaks

The dangers surrounding natural gas leaks

Posted 03:42 November 11, 2018
Last Updated 04:22 January 07, 2019

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natural gas leaks

Natural gas is odorless and tasteless. Natural gas suppliers add a little bit of sulfur to give it that rotten egg smell. They do this because natural gas leaks are very dangerous. In addition to explosion hazards, high levels of natural gas can be fatal. By adding sulfur, when there’s a leak we can easily smell it.

Hazards aside, natural gas is considered to be one of the safest and greenest fuel source we have. If it is burned correctly, natural gas produces only water and carbon dioxide as byproducts. Wood, coal, and oil all produce far more greenhouse gasses.

One of the reasons natural gas makes such a great fuel is that it is highly combustible. Small amounts of natural gas produce large amounts of heat. But for this very same reason, a natural gas leak can pose a very dangerous situation. There is a real fire and explosion threat when it comes to natural gas leaks.

What to do if you think you have a natural gas leak

It’s simple – stop whatever you are doing and get out of your home immediately. Call 911 or report it to the gas company, but do so from outside your home. Do not:

• Turn on or off any light or electrical switches.

• Plug in or unplug anything.

• Use a telephone inside the home.

• Smoke, light any matches or candles.

• Do not use the doorbell.

• Don’t turn on, off, or otherwise adjust the thermostat.

• Extinguish all open flames.

Inhaling large amounts of natural gas can lead to asphyxia. You can quickly lose consciousness. It is important that you exit the building as soon as you think there might be a problem. If you lose consciousness in the home it can be fatal.


Don’t ignore the dangers involved with natural gas leaks. Natural gas companies add sulfur to make it smell bad for a reason – it is very dangerous. Always exit the building as soon as you think there might be a problem and contact 911 or the gas company immediately.

Safe is better than sorry.

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