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Outdoor Natural Gas Grills

Replace your propane grill with natural gas

Posted 08:41 August 10, 2022
Last Updated 08:41 August 10, 2022

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If you love grilling, you know the pain and headache of constantly having to refill propane tanks. They're heavy and awkward. Finding a filling station can be difficult. Just like gasoline, the price to refill varies almost daily. If your home has natural gas, you can replace your portable propane tank with a dedicated, permanent, natural gas line. Switching to natural gas grilling has several benefits.


Natural gas is cheaper than propane. Natural gas is also less expensive than charcoal. Price varies by season and location, but on average, propane is roughly three times cheaper than propane.


The natural gas line running into your home provides a virtually unlimited supply. You can get through your big weekend events without worrying about running out of gas. Never again will you have to prepare for your parties by stocking up on multiple portable refillable propane tanks.


Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon. It burns cleaner than propane. It burns a lot cleaner than charcoal. All hydrocarbon fuels release chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere when they burn, but natural gas releases the least. It's better for the environment.

The Decisions

Now that you've made the decision to switch to natural gas grilling, you've got some more decisions to make. Would you like to set up an entire outside kitchen? Would you like to build a new permanent outdoor grill? Maybe you just want to convert your existing propane grill to natural gas. Whatever decision you make, All Trades can help turn your backyard kitchen and outdoor cooking dreams into a reality.

Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas

natural gas grill If you're just looking to convert your propane grill to natural gas it's pretty simple. However, you can't just hook up a natural gas line to your grill. Propane burns up to three times hotter than natural gas. Your grill will require a new regulator. Natural gas and propane connectors are different, so the grill will have to be modified to accept natural gas connections. The final step is running a natural gas line from your home to your grill. We here at All Trades can do all of this for you.

Manufacturers have also started offering natural gas grills. If it's time to upgrade your grill anyway, buy a new natural gas grill and then let us run the lines and hook it up for you.

The Outdoor Grill Monument

outdoor grill
You've seen an envied them. They come in many shapes and sizes and they are all beautiful. Maybe it's time for you to build that outdoor grill you've been dreaming of.

An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen
These are very common in countries outside the United States. In many cultures all cooking is done outside. It keeps the home cleaner. Infestation of the home by pests and rodents is less likely when all cooking and eating is done outside.

In recent years outdoor kitchens have become a construction option in the United States on upscale homes. However, if you've got a nice backyard, it may take very little to add on an outdoor kitchen. The benefits are immense and they can turn your backyard into a true haven and getaway.


Whatever route you decide to go, All Trades is here to help you. When constructing your new project, working with natural gas lines can be dangerous. Don't risk an explosion hazard. Use our bonded and licensed technicians to complete your project. You'll have peace of mind knowing the job was done right. We service Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, and most areas of Clark County, Nevada.

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