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Water Conservation in Las Vegas

A little bit goes a long way

Posted 10:10 November 09, 2017
Last Updated 11:17 December 19, 2017

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In Las Vegas, water bills can get expensive quickly. We have pools, spas, and irrigation systems, all of which cost a lot of money to maintain. Here are a few tips on how you can reduce your monthly water bill. You'll be doing your part when it comes to water conservation (something that is very important for our Las Vegas community) and save a little money in the process.

The Kitchen

• Fix leaky faucets
• Install water efficient faucets
• Install low-flow aerators on your faucets
• Fill the sink to wash dishes instead of running the faucet when you're washing dishes
• Only run the dishwasher when you have a full load
• Scrape plates before loading into the dishwasher instead of rinsing them
• Compost your food waste and stop using your garbage disposal
• Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the faucet until it's cold enough for drinking

The Bathroom

• Turn the water off and on while washing your hands - don't let the water run
• Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth
• Never let leaks go unfixed – fix them right away
• Take 5 minute showers (or less)
• Install a low-flow shower head
• Install 1.28gpf high efficiency toilets

The Rest of Your Home

• Inspect all your plumbing pipes regularly and fix any leaks immediately
• When the temperature drops, protect pipes from freezing
• Make sure you know where your master water shut off valve is – and use it when a leak starts
• Consider a grey water system - a system that reuses water from your sinks, washing machine, and dishwasher for watering house plants, yard irrigation, and flushing toilets

The Yard

• Use native plants in your landscaping that don't require a lot of water – they will grow better in our Las Vegas climate
• Use drip irrigation systems instead of sprinkler systems
• If you must use sprinkler systems, make sure all sprinkler heads are working properly and not broken or leaking
• Water your yard only in the morning or evening when it is cooler – this reduces evaporation
• Collect rain water runoff from your roof and use it to irrigate your yard


In Las Vegas it can be challenging to conserve water, but it's not impossible. Be aware of how much water you're using and constantly try to think of new ways you can reduce and conserve. If we all do our part, we can ensure Las Vegas will have enough water for future generations.

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