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Waterless Urinal Facts

What homeowners and don't know

Posted 10:49 April 10, 2019
Last Updated 10:49 April 10, 2019

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Homeowners seldom consider a urinal as a fixture they would like to find in a home, but if space permits there are benefits to installing a home urinal. Men are familiar with traditional commercial-style urinals, but residential models are also available. A waterless urinal is an interesting addition to any bathroom. The women of the home will appreciate the toilet seat always being in the down position.

Whether or not water conservation is high on your list of priorities, a waterless urinal offers a number of benefits:

• Water and sewage savings.
• Low maintenance.
• Sanitary touchless designs.
• Splash-eliminating designs.
• Easy, low cost installation.

How They Work

A waterless urinal is designed to direct urine into the trap where it passes through a layer of lighter liquid, called a sealing liquid. The sealing liquid remains on top of the urine and forms an odor-proof barrier. The trap is specially designed to slow the liquids and to prevent the sealing liquid from emptying down through the drain.

Installing A Waterless Urinal

There are no water requirements, so installation only requires a standard 2" drain connection. Depending on the fixture and manufacturer you choose, a detailed set of installation instructions for that particular model will be included. As with normal wall hung urinals much of the same rough in preparation applies:

• Install wooden backer boards where the urinal hangers will go.
• A urinal spud is mounted flush with the wall.
• The drain can be roughed in to the standard 18" height or set at 11" height for disabled persons.
• Backsplash and adjacent walls must be impervious to water(urine).

Maintenance And Cleaning

Waterless urinals require more maintenance than traditional urinals. Routine flushing of the unit is required every few weeks, along with daily cleaning of the urinal itself. After flushing the unit, a new sealant layer must be applied.

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