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What are Slab Leaks?

Why a slab leak is dangerous for your home

Posted 07:52 June 18, 2017
Last Updated 08:41 November 17, 2017

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Most homes in the Las Vegas valley are built upon a slab. Slabs have a lot of benefits over a crawlspace or a basement. With a slab, pests and other vermin can't get under the house. Water leaks (like a leaking toilet) won't damage or rot a slab. A slab provides insulation, helping you save money on heating and cooling bills. A house built on a slab is usually very close to the ground, requiring minimal steps to get up and into the house. If the building site is flat, little to no excavation is required before building, which greatly reduces building costs.

Slabs require little to no maintenance and can last for 100 years or more. They are the ideal foundation for homes in Las Vegas.

However, slabs don't come without a few downsides. A slab limits your access to any of the heating, cooling, ventilation, water and electric lines that are typically installed in a crawlspace. If you need to repair plumbing lines under a slab, it is harder to repair than if you had a crawlspace or basement.

Slab Leaks

If there is a water leak under your slab, it is either a water or a sewer line. Locating and finding the source of the leak is an enormous challenge without the proper equipment. We at All Trades are specialists at finding and repairing slab leaks. We have the right equipment to get the job done right. We work quickly and with minimal site damage and disruption.

Slab Leak Symptoms

There are numerous symptoms that point to a slab leak. You may have a slab leak if you have any of the following:

• A damp or wet spot in the floor.

• A hot spot in the floor (this is caused by a leak in a hot water line).

• Odd sounds under the floor, like running or gushing water.

• Puddles of water outside your home, around the foundation that never go away.

• Water pressure that becomes lower and lower over time.

• Higher water bills, month after month.

Unfortunately, if you have a leak in a sewer line, it can go undetected for a very long time. The first symptoms don't occur until there is visible damage to the home's foundation.

Finding a Slab Leak

All Trades uses specialized listening equipment to find your slab leak. We shut the water off to your home and then pump air through your water lines. With or listening equipment, our plumbing technicians carefully listen for the sound of escaping air, which tells us where your water leak is.

Fixing a Slab Leak

plumbing After we've identified the source of the problem, we go over your options for fixing it. Unfortunately, if the leak is under your slab, the only way to gain access to the leak and fix it is to break through the slab. Flooring around the leaking area is removed. A jackhammer is used to break through the slab and gain access to the leaking pipe. The leaking pipes are repaired, concrete is poured to repair the slab, and your flooring is replaced.


Your homeowners insurance policy may cover the cost of repairing your slab leak.

If the slab leak was the result of a covered peril, which caused further damage to your home, the personal property insurance and dwelling protection sections of your policy may offer financial protection. Coverage will probably kick in for your personal belongings, electronics, furniture, home structure, and more. Check your policy for what your covered perils are. Fire is the most common covered peril.

Standard homeowners insurance will usually cover the cost of tearing out and replacing the slab, but many policies won't pay for the plumbing repairs, so partial reimbursement is possible. If your plumbing fails due to normal wear-and-tear or any neglect on your part, you may be responsible for repair costs in whole on your own.

Homeowners policies require damage in order for you to issue a claim. If there is a warm spot on your floor, but no visible signs or damage, most policies won't pay for inspection or repairs. The final determining factor is always the details of your individual policy. Speak with your homeowners insurance agent and find out what you are and are not covered for under your current policy.

We are the Experts

All Trades will do its very best to minimize disruptions to your home while finding and fixing your slab leak. We have over 20 years of plumbing, heating, and HVAC experience. We know your home is your castle and we respect it.

Don't let a slab leak continue to damage your home. The sooner you address the problem, the sooner it will be behind you.
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