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Why Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Superior

Traditional versus Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Posted 14:05 January 13, 2019
Last Updated 14:07 March 06, 2019

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A tankless hot water heater is a water heater that works without storing any water in a tank. Water is heated on-demand. They can be installed in a home or business at one location or in multiple locations. Tankless hot water heaters offer many advantages over traditional hot water heaters.



The hot water portion of your energy bill can be as much as 50% less by transitioning to a tankless hot water heater. Energy is only used to heat water when you need hot water. Traditional systems store hot water in a tank and keep heating and reheating your water 24 hours a day resulting in higher energy usage.

Unlimited Supply

Tankless hot water heaters feature an endless supply of on-demand hot water. Your hot water will not run out so long as you have water and power.


Traditional hot water systems require annual flushing and regular replacement of the anode rod. This routine maintenance will keep your traditional hot water heater working for many years beyond its expected life. Tankless systems don't require flushing (they don't have a tank) and they don't have an anode rod because they don't store water. The result is lower overall maintenance costs.


Tankless systems are much smaller than traditional systems and are commonly installed at multiple locations at a business or residence.


When a traditional hot water heater fails, the tank can also fail and the area around the hot water heater floods. When a tankless water heater fails it has no stored water to flood the area around the unit.


Traditional gas hot water heaters can be an explosion hazard. Clark County, Nevada requires that new installations of tank systems are permitted and inspected for safety reasons. Tankless systems don't carry the same explosion hazard as traditional systems.

Hydrid Systems

If you have a traditional hot water heater and live in a northern climate, it's not uncommon to receive luke warm water at the tap in the winter, over long plumbing runs. This is because the pipes in your house are cold and the hot water traveling through your pipes cools before it comes out at the tap. Homeowners with this problem can install an additional small tankless unit near the tap. This ensures you'll always have hot water at your tap, at the temperature you want.


Time to Receive Hot Water

Depending on the point of installation, it can take a little bit longer to receive hot water at the tap. A tankless water heater takes a few moments to heat water whereas a traditional water heater has stored hot water. However, this delay can be minimized or eliminated by installing a tankless unit at the point of use (near the faucet).


Initial purchase and installation costs can be higher for a tankless water heater. A small tankless unit may be less expensive than a 40 gallon traditional hot water heater, but their output is not equivalent. Tankless units are measured in gallons per minute. Also, if you decide to get a tankless unit be sure to get a firm quote on the installation cost and factor it in.

The energy cost per heated gallon of hot water is higher for tankless systems. However, for most households and businesses they will still realize an energy savings. This is because even though tankless systems use more energy to heat water, they never store hot water. Energy is only used when hot water is required. A traditional system heats water more efficiently, but it must keep water hot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gas Models

Gas tankless systems have high-power burners and have special venting requirements. These models require a dedicated and sealed vent system. If the system is natural gas, it may also require a larger diameter gas pipe which can further raise installation costs.

Electric Models

Electric tankless systems are designed to raise the temperate by about 60 degrees. If you want 130 degrees at the tap, water flowing into the unit must be around 70 degrees. This is near impossible in northern climates. Gas models can heat water by more than 60 degrees and are more suitable in northern climates.


Tankless hot water heating systems can be an attractive alternative for certain people. If you use hot water sparingly you can realize enormous energy savings versus a traditional tank system. Electric tankless systems are only suitable for southern climates whereas gas systems, although a little more expensive, are suitable for anywhere.

All Trades in Henderson, Nevada can install a new hot water heater for you. We have decades of experience in dealing with both tank and tankless systems. We service Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, and most areas of Clark County, Nevada.

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