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Find and Repair a Bathtub Leak

A bathtub leak can become a serious situation if not fixed quickly

Posted 06:45 August 07, 2017
Last Updated 08:35 November 17, 2017

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If your bathtub has a leak, it's not that difficult to fix it yourself. Over time, your tub drain will start to corrode. Eventually it will start leaking. If your bathtub faucet also has a leak and is dripping, it will accelerate this process. Your bathtub will start leaking much sooner.

Fix a Leaking Faucet

This is what happens when you
don't fix a leaking faucet
Fixing a leaking faucet is pretty straightforward. Whether it's a bathtub, sink, or outdoor faucet the principle is the same. All faucets have rubber washers that deteriorate over time. Eventually the washer needs to be replaced, or the faucet will start leaking. If you have a leaking faucet, you should fix it as soon as possible. If left unattended, the leak will cause your bathtub drain to corrode faster and you'll soon have a bigger problem to deal with.

Take the faucet apart and find the old rubber washer. Take the washer with you to a hardware store and find one that is a similar size. Replace the washer, reassemble your faucet, and you have fixed your leak.

The hardest part of the job is finding where the washer is. It is always somewhere in the faucet assembly. Every faucet is different, but if you take the faucet apart you'll find the washer.

Is Your Bathtub Leaking?

Showers can develop leaks from a damaged shower pan or a broken pipe. With bathtubs, the problem is usually around the drain or a broken pipe. Sometimes it's hard to know if your bathtub is leaking. If it's a 2nd floor bathtub, a telltale sign is the drywall is cracking or has stains on the ceiling below. In the bathroom, if there is mildew or mold in areas where water does not normally accumulate, that is another sign of a leak. Damaged flooring in the bathroom is an obvious sign. The bathroom may develop an odd smell: one that is musty, earthy, or a smell of old standing water. Any of these signs point to a hidden bathroom leak.

When a pipe is leaking, water can run along the pipe and then drip in a different location, further complicating the problem of finding the source of the leak. The longer the leak is left unattended the more expensive the repair will be. If caught soon enough, it may be a simple repair. You may be able to paint over damaged drywall. If water damage continues over a long period of time, the cost to repair will escalate. You may need to replace flooring, ceilings, pipes, and remove mold and mildew that has grown and built up.

Hire a Professional

While fixing a leaking faucet is a great job for the do-it-yourself homeowner, finding and repairing a bathroom leak can be a challenging task. All Trades has decades of experience in dealing with these difficult, hard to find leaks. We can find the source of your problem and fix it fast. We also provide leak detection services for pools, spas, underground irrigation systems, home slabs, and more. If you have a leak of any kind, we can find it and fix it. We service Henderson, most parts of Clark Country, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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