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HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Keep your air conditioner in top top shape

Posted 06:31 December 16, 2019
Last Updated 06:31 December 16, 2019

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Air conditioners, central air systems, and HVAC systems are all very sensitive devices. They each require regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently. If you neglect your home cooling system, its performance will decrease over time and it will use more energy. It won't be long before your unit will need repair. In more serious cases, you may need to replace your unit. Don't let it come to that. It's simple to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and in good working order with regular preventative maintenance.


Your first line of defense against AC repair is your filter. The filter keeps out dirt, dust and other particles away from your air conditioner's evaporator and condenser coil. When the filter becomes clogged or too dirty, air flow to your unit is restricted. Your air conditioner has to work harder and harder to do the same job. This results in an increase in energy use, along with an increase in wear and tear on your unit. Regularly replacing or cleaning your air filter is a simple step that keeps your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently.

change air conditioner filter How often you replace your air filter depends upon how frequently your unit is used. In climates like Las Vegas, during the summer months you should replace your filter once per month.

If your air conditioner is running nonstop, you should replace your filter even more often: twice a month or even weekly. You should also have your air conditioner examined and serviced. A unit should not be running nonstop, even in the hot summer months. Your air conditioner may need repair. It's also possible your current unit is too small. A certified AC technician can advise you if a new ac unit would be a good idea.

During the winter months when only your heater is in use, you can replace your filter every other month. In those spring or fall months when your unit isn't running, don't worry about changing the filter. If you have many fur-bearing pets, your filter may need to be changed or cleaned more frequently.

There are many types of HVAC filters on the market. Some are disposable while others are cleanable. Some are marketed as allergen control filters. In practice, the most simple, cheap, paper filter is often the best. When replaced regularly, it can lead to long air conditioner life. This simple maintenance item is what is most forgotten by homeowners. Your air conditioner requires regular filter maintenance. Don't neglect it.

Air Conditioner Coils

air conditioner coil dirt Your filter helps prevent your air conditioner's evaporator coil and condenser from collecting dirt and dust. However, over time, these coils will still collect dirt even with regular, routine filter replacement. As dirt collects on these coils the dirt can act as an insulator. Dirt will prevent your coils from releasing heat. This will make your unit work harder than it needs to. In very dusty climates like Las Vegas, outdoor condenser coils can become extremely dirty. If your coils are near trees, bushes, or any kind of debris, this too can cause your coils to become dirty. Your coils should be checked every year to make sure there isn't too much dirt or debris built up.

Coil Fins

Condenser and evaporator coils have fins that can become bent over time. The fins need adequate spacing in order to allow full heat dispersion. If your coil fins are bent, heat becomes trapped and your unit has to work harder. Most hardware and home improvement stores sell "fin combs". These combs can restore fins to their original shape.

Condenser Drains

It's possible that your drain lines can become clogged over time. When this happens, moisture will back up into your unit until it finds an exit point. This might be under your unit or at some other observable point. Cleaning out your drain lines of any blockages will help stop these leaks.

Professional Service

The simple things, like filters and keeping the area around your unit clear of debris, you can and should do by yourself. However, an annual inspection keeps your unit in good health and running smoothly. It's a small cost when compared to the cost of a new air conditioner. A professional technician will check your refrigerant levels, coils, compressor, and drain lines. He or she will make sure everything is running smoothly and is in tip-top shape.

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