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What Does Air Conditioning Do?

It's more than just cool down the air.

Posted 05:54 May 16, 2020
Last Updated 06:12 December 06, 2020

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People often mix their use of air conditioning and HVAC. Strictly speaking, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC is a subset of air conditioning, but it also includes heating and furnace systems. This article will focus on air conditioning.

Modern air conditioners seek to accomplish the following:

• Alter the temperature of the air through cooling.

• Alter the air's humidity.

• Circulate and mix the air.

• Filter and/or purify the air.

There are several different methods to accomplish the above, but all air conditioning units do these basic four things.

Alter the temperature of the air through cooling.

Equipment which can alter air temperature by means of cooling is called an air conditioner. A mechanical cycle air conditioner, is an equipment with compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, and tubes, filled with refrigerant.

Alter the air's humidity.

When used for cooling, air conditioners will also dehumidify the air. Some air conditioners have a stand-alone dehumidification cycle setting as well. When you dehumidify the air you are removing moisture from the air.

Circulate and mix the air.

Stale and stagnant air is not good for your health. Indoor air is almost always less pure than outside air. Air conditioners help provide ventilation in enclosed spaces.

Filter and/or purify the air.

Cheap widow units don't do this very well. High-end HVAC units can do it extremely well. Each tries to filter the air, albeit to different degrees.

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