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Why Winter is a Great Time for Air Conditioning Service

Now may be the best time to have your air conditioner or HVAC serviced.

Posted 06:16 November 24, 2021
Last Updated 06:16 December 04, 2021

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It can be easy to overlook your home's air conditioning during the winter months when it is not in use. But believe it or not, winter is usually the best time to have your air conditioner serviced. Experts suggest having your air-conditioning system serviced at least once annually and the timing can make a difference.


One of the reasons you might delay service is you don't want to wait for a service technician. But if you call for service in winter, you’ll likely find the wait is much shorter. Fewer bookings mean a quicker appointment. It's better to wait a short time now than to wait a longer time later for a service technician. The absolute worse time to call for any kind of A/C service is when it's hottest out. That is when most A/C units fail. Everyone needs service.

Service Cost

Generally speaking supply and demand means it's cheaper to get your unit serviced in winter. You may also find that air-conditioning companies offer discounts for winter service and preventative maintenance. Their slow season is a perfect time for finding discounts. Additionally, if any repairs are needed, you may find them to be less costly as well.

Utility Cost

A properly functioning unit will run more efficiently and use less energy. When you don't have your air conditioner serviced, you are throwing money away due to higher electrical costs. An energy increase of 5% per year is standard without servicing. If you have it serviced in the winter, your wallet won't suffer from that first summer utility bill.


Your family's comfort shouldn't be sacrificed. Find small problems now before they turn into big, expensive problems later.

Get Your A/C Serviced This Winter

An air-conditioning service technician will perform various inspections, tests, and adjustments on the coils, air handler, compressor, electronics, and air ducts of your A/C system. These routine tasks will increase the efficiency and potentially prevent repairs later. It will help you to get the longest life out of your system.

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