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You Might Be Using Your Ceiling Fans Wrong

2 quick ceiling fan tips

Posted 04:57 August 16, 2018
Last Updated 04:57 October 02, 2018

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In the Las Vegas valley we use ceiling fans to keep cool. Unfortunately, most homeowners are using their ceiling fans incorrectly. This can lead to higher energy bills and warmer homes. Here are 2 very common ceiling fan mistakes that Las Vegas homeowners make.

#1: Your ceiling fan is set on the wrong direction

Did you know that ceiling fans have 2 settings? It has a switch that can control the direction of the fan blades. As the seasons change, you should also change you’re ceiling fan’s rotation direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

In the winter you should run your ceiling fans clockwise. When you are heating you home, hot air rises to the ceiling. If your ceiling fan is running clockwise it pushes warm air up at the ceiling down, keeping the room warmer and lowering your heating costs. You should run your fans at their lowest setting only for this to work.

In the summer you should run your ceiling fans counterclockwise. This rotation setting has the opposite effect; cool air that accumulates along your floor is circulated throughout the room. During the summer you can run your fans at any speed.

The direction switch on a ceiling fan just has 2 settings. The down position is usually counterclockwise. The up position is usually clockwise.

#2: Running ceiling fans in empty rooms

There is a common myth that ceiling fans reduce the ambient temperature in a room. This is not true. Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect in a room. It works like this: a ceiling fan moves air around the room quickly and it causes moisture on your skin (sweat) to evaporate more quickly, tricking your body into feeling cooler. But the temperature in the room is the same.

If a fan is running in an empty room you are just wasting money. The temperature isn’t being lowered and there is no one in the room to benefit from the wind chill effect created by the fan.

You can raise your thermostat by 4 ℉ if you are running a ceiling fan in a room. If you like 76 ℉ and have a ceiling fan, set your AC to 80 ℉, turn on the ceiling fan and your body will think it is 76 ℉.

Vent covers can also have a big impact on a room's air temperature.

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