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Calling A Plumber For Toilet Repair

When a do-it-yourself fix goes wrong

Posted 19:38 September 25, 2022
Last Updated 19:45 September 25, 2022

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Knowing the toilet inside and out helps some homeowners fix minor toilet issues, but a basic knowledge of toilets cannot fix serious issues without plumbing expertise. It's important that a plumbing professional is called as soon potential problems arise. Having it fixed correctly the first time, small problems are prevented from turning into massive headaches. A do-it-yourself toilet repair job gone wrong can end up ruining numerous internal parts and may even lead to flooding the home.

Parts inside the toilet tank that are prone to failure include the fill valve and flush valve. These are the common culprits of toilets that always run. An always running toilet wastes more water than you might think - it can significantly increase your monthly water bill. Toilets with dual-flushing capabilities are a little more complex. Replacement parts that are made of brass instead of plastic will last longer.

There are two main types of flush valves: a tapered rubber float ball or a flapper ball. This device lets new water come into the tank. Most people already know what the outside of the flush valve looks like. It's the device that is pushed each time a person flushes the toilet. This valve is connected to a pull rod that allows the valve to operate. Pulling up on the pull rod can stop some toilets from continually running. This is something a homeowner can do until a plumber arrives. Sometimes, the pull rod falls off of its chain. If the homeowner can't reattach it (or doesn't have the desire to do so), a plumber can fix the problem during a quick service call. If the homeowner isn't careful, pulling on the chain can result in other parts getting broken.

Sometimes a toilet can be fixed by minor adjustments made by the homeowner. If the homeowner doesn't feel comfortable enough to add a new part (such as a valve chain), it is best to call a plumbing professional. They can assess the problem and do an inspection to prevent future problems. Don't be that do-it-yourself homeowner who makes small problems worse. If a valve bursts because it is old or frozen, it can lead to major problems throughout the home.

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