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The Problems Hard Water Causes

Hard water is hard on your plumbing

Posted 06:30 December 06, 2018
Last Updated 06:30 February 05, 2019

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Many homeowners are confused about what hard water is. Hard water isn’t dangerous to your health, but it is very bad for your plumbing and appliances. Well and city water here in Clark County, Nevada is especially hard. Here’s a few tips about what hard water and what you can do to prolong the life of your home appliances.

What is hard water?

Hard water is simply defined as water that naturally contains dissolved minerals. The most common kinds of minerals found in water throughout the United States are limestone, calcium, and various magnesium carbonates. In the Las Vegas valley, most water comes from Lake Meade. Lake Meade gets its water from the Colorado River. This water source is high in both magnesium and calcium.

How does hard water affect me?

There are no health hazards associated with hard water. Some people don’t like the taste. Hard water also affects how soap works, so when you have hard water you have to use more soap. Hard water also affects your hair and skin. When you wash with hard water a residue can be left behind.

What does hard water do to my plumbing and appliances?

The minerals inside of hard water will accumulate and buildup inside your appliances over time. This causes them to have a shorter service life – they break sooner. Especially hard water can cut the average appliance’s service life by 50% or more. Hard water affects your hot water heater, washing machine, dish washer, ice maker, and other water-using appliances. Hard water clogs up your faucets and it can even cause problems in irrigation systems.

How do I know if I have hard water?

Most homeowners know they have hard water just from the scaly film it leaves behind. When water dries in your sink you can see a white residue. It also appears on your dishes after you wash them. If you’re not sure, you can have the mineral content of your water tested. But if you’re in Clark County, Nevada, it is highly likely you have hard water. City water systems do not remove calcium and magnesium from the public water supply.

What do I do if I have hard water?

If you want to prolong the service life of your appliances you can install a water softening system. Added benefits include cleaner water for bathing, cooking, and washing dishes. Most people also think the water tastes better when it is soft. In short, a water softener has many benefits and it can help save your plumbing.


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