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Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Saves You Money

Cheaper, faster, stronger.

Posted 01:13 March 05, 2019
Last Updated 03:37 May 07, 2019

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Trenchless pipe replacement can definitely help you avoid the costs and disruption that come with digging long trenches in your yard. You don't need to tear up landscaping, lawns, driveways and other structures that commonly occurs when replacing damaged sewer and water lines.

With traditional trenching pipe replacement, you are forced to pay to dig up the street in front of your home, not to mention your own lard. If traffic needs to be rerouted, there are additional costs from the city. In the end it will cost you a few thousand dollars to $20,000 or more.

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) trenchless methods for homes have been around for about 20 years. They're often used in government or commercial repair jobs, but many homeowners are not aware of the technology. The most common type of trenchless pipe line repair is CIPP. It is strong, quick, less disruptive to your home and property, and much less expensive.

The replacement pipe liner is a flexible tube, coated with resin and then blown or pulled into the damaged pipe. Finally, it is inflated and cures in place. The resin hardens, creating a new pipe within a pipe that is jointless and very corrosion-resistant. The new lining will reduce the diameter of the lateral pipe (which connects the home and the main sewer line) by about a quarter of an inch. But it won't affect your ability to remove waste from your home. With trenchless pipe lining repair, you typically only need to dig one access hole.

Pipe lining might not be possible if the lateral line has joints or if it has collapsed. A different method, pipe bursting can sometimes still be done if there's room to drag a cable through the old broken pipe. The Pipe bursting method involves pulling a new pipe through the damaged one. Then simultaneously fracturing (bursting) the old pipe outward. This usually requires digging access holes on each side of the lateral pipe.

Experts say pipe bursting and pipe lining are equally durable. The costs associated with trenchless replacement vary, depending on factors such as soil type, depth, and material prices at the time of repair.

Depending on where you live, the configuration of your pipes, and the condition of your pipes, trenching might still be the best option. The licensed plumbers here at All Trades will evaluate your situation and can advise you on your best repair or replacement options. We offer quick service, no-haggle quotes, and all of our work is fully guaranteed. We service Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and most parts of Clark County Nevada.

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